Konstfacks Degree Exhibition 2023


Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2023 takes place during two events.

Bachelor’s students: 6–12 May
Inauguration: 6 May, 2 pm
Opening hours: 12–6 pm every day
Download exhibition map (pdf)

Master’s and teacher education students: 20–26 May
Inauguration: 20 May, 2 pm
Opening hours: 12–6 pm every day
Download exhibition map (pdf)


Press preview at Konstfack
Welcome Friday 5 May, 1–3 pm for a preview of the bachelor’s students’ exhibition.
Friday 19 May, 1–3 pm and Monday 22 May 10 am –12 pm for previews of the master’s and teacher education students’ exhibition.

Press information
Click here and read the press release about Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2023.

Images can be downloaded for press use from each student page on

Below portraits of Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz, the curators Dotdotdot och the graphic designer Laslo Strong. Please state photographer’s name when using images.

Maria Lantz
Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz | Download large image
The curators Dotdotdot | Download large image
Photo: Cassie Abraham
Laslo Strong
The graphic designer Laslo Strong | Download large image
Photo: Sissela Jensen

Publishing and more information
When information is published about the Degree Exhibition or if other information is needed, please contact Susanne Helgeson,, 0708-50 15 40.


Curators: Dotdotdot (Lisa Juntunen Roos, Petter Rhodiner and Amy Worrall)

Head of Exhibitions: Anne Klontz

Exhibition Assistant: Maria Pita Guerreiro

PR & Communication: Susanne Helgeson and Patrik Förberg

Webmaster and Website Development: Ivar Johansson

Graphic Design: Laslo Strong

Text Editors: Matilda Kästel, Res, Sheena Malone, Johanna Palm

Translation: CBG Consult (Chris Kleinman, Sara Hamnén)

Logistics Manager: Patrik Lindgren

Property Manager: Håkan Persson

Environmental Coordinator: Love Hansson

Coordinators for Technical Equipment: Johan Wahlgren, Lars Ernholm, Ricardo Atienza

Exhibition technicians: Aleksandrs Klints Abens, Anna Olsson, Annie Andersson, Emma Friberg, Gunnar Söder, Josefina Anjou, Lauro Höring, Magnus Liljedahl, Matilda Söderberg, Peter Ahlgren, Timmy Sjöblom, Ulrika Gömm, Villiam Gonzalez

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