Teacher Education Programme in Visual Arts

Teacher Education Programme in Visual Arts

Exhibition: 20–26 May

About Teacher Education Programme in Visual Arts

During the last semester of the five-year Teacher Education Programme in Visual Arts in the Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education (IBIS), the students conduct a research project in which they work with both artistic and scientific methods. The results are communicated in both a scholarly thesis and through an artistic work. These two forms of creation and knowledge highlight the breadth of skills and knowledge that the students in the Teacher Education Programme in Visual Arts have developed during their years of study.

At the centre of the investigations is the field of visual arts education and questions about learning. The students’ degree projects are thus not only about their own learning but also about the learning of future generations surrounding and through images and visual cultures. This is a large and important task, as we find ourselves in a time in which knowledge and understanding of the other’s thoughts and experiences are needed more than ever before. We need professional groups that give young people hope in the future and a feeling that it is possible to influence life on the planet in a positive direction, not least through artistic, material and visual practices.

It is striking how the IBIS students are in step with the times. Equality, sustainability and technical development are recurring themes. The Anthropocene and learning, intercultural pedagogy and visual arts pedagogy in a global perspective, and opportunities surrounding artificial intelligence are just a few of the many interesting and relevant contemporary issues that are addressed in this spring’s twenty-three degree projects.

We can be both proud and grateful of the future visual arts teachers that we are graduating this year. We are proud of our students’ strong commitment to creating good education for future generations of young people, and we are grateful that they are taking on one of society’s most important missions: being a teacher.

Maria Eriksson and Jacob Kimvall
Senior Lecturers and Course Coordinators for Independent Projects

PS. The artistic part of the research is presented at Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2023. The scholarly essays are published after the end of the course on the DIVA research platform. You’re very welcome to read them there!