Malin Lemker

What Do You Tell About Yourself?
Malin Lemker
Public 2023

My reason for photography has always been life in pictures, stories about life that become representations of the memories that carry important meanings. The photo album is a tool for me to see life in front of me, to scroll through the moments. It is part of my identity, and I can be like a time traveller visiting different places in my lived life.

This reason has coloured my photographic practice with experiences of the analogue and photo album context. Throughout my journey, I’ve worked on an autobiographical level and this narrative has been influenced by several communicative factors when what was once private is now public on social platforms.

What are young people’s knowledge and thoughts about photography when they are influenced by a context in which the photo album is moved to social flows? Representations of the private on digital social platforms, and how the photographic approach is influenced by the public user culture.