Konstfacks Degree Exhibition 2023


Welcome to two openings! The bachelor’s students on Saturday 6 May and master’s and teacher education students on Saturday 20 May. Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz and the curators inaugurate at 2 pm. The exhibitions are open every day at 12–6 pm.
Maria Lantz’s Words

Art, design and crafts affect and touch us all. Even through visual communication, interior architecture and visual arts and sloyd education we can feel and experience, understand, enjoy or be provoked. Sometimes beauty is expressed, other times sharp social criticism, with moments of humour or irony that make us laugh.

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Dotdotdot’s Words

When we were asked to be the Degree Exhibition 2023 curators, the three of us sat down and discussed how we would tackle the huge task ahead. From the very start our goal has been simple – to apply our ethos in such a unique context whilst staying true to Dotdotdot’s core values.

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About the Visual Identity

This year’s graphic identity focuses on what happens behind the scenes at Konstfack during the last weeks before the Degree Exhibition.

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Images and videos from the building of the Degree Exhibition.

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