About the Visual Identity

This year’s graphic identity focuses on what happens behind the scenes at Konstfack during the last weeks before the Degree Exhibition. During the past weeks, students and I collected moving images from various moments of their practices at Konstfack. These images show tryouts, experiments, improvisation, and collaboration – key aspects of experiencing art education. The video clips are only a few examples of the vast processes at Konstfack that take place all year round, which we can only imagine. My idea for the graphic design of this year’s profile was to create a space that points toward these daily processes and the imaginative potential of what it can mean to study art, crafts, and design. A green screen is such a space, a placeholder to be filled with various images inside an image. The technique is often used in our daily news programs, as well as in fantasy films. I find these connotations of agency, contemporaneity, fantasy, and storytelling relevant for the Degree Exhibition at Konstfack.

Laslo Strong