Palle Ankersen

Non Serviam
Palle Ankersen

The Fall was preceded by a misstep. We are the first to admit this, but who were We, before this Fall? We had no personality, no face. Who are you to blame such a man? It does not matter to Us.

Once exiled, We stood dazed. When hungry, We whistled, whereupon animals came and bared their throats, which We struck. It was the Dawn of Time, and We had no qualms about this. We would like to say they didn’t suffer any torment. For the longest time We wandered the Earth, haunted by fever and evil dreams. If We built shelters from the storm, they were destroyed. We grew embittered by our constant struggle against the elements. Thus, We called down a vengeance against nature as well as against society, which had already arisen.

Then they emerged from the shadows, chanting:
“Your majesty, Your majesty, we have been waiting for you.”