Exhibition: 6–12 May
Sweden, b. 1998
+46 760250665

Erik Norrby

Modular Headphones
Erik Norrby

This degree project explores how headphones can be designed to prolong the product’s lifetime. The purpose of prolonging the product’s lifetime is to reduce the amount of electronic waste we humans produce, thereby reducing the damage e-waste causes to the environment and human health.

The design proposal consists of modular parts. The ear cups, the headband, the microphone, and the textiles are all easily put together and taken apart. If one module breaks, becomes worn out, or gets dirty, the user can replace that part with a new one instead of discarding the entire headphones set. The modular construction also enables the user to choose between different versions of modules, allowing users to pick parts that best fit their needs.

The headphones are intended for use by personnel of companies that perform a large part of their work tasks through computer work.

This degree project is made in collaboration with Urbanista.