Exhibition: 6–12 May
Sweden, b. 1995
+46 700540962

Moa Åhlund

Moa Åhlund

Why do I want to party so damn much? The best times in my life have always been in, and revolved around, intoxication.

I see both textile crafts and intoxication as collective. The peak of both is the shared effervescence, the state of mind where those involved are on the same frequency, the goal is getting there.
Because there is no real answer as to why, but partying and seeking inebriation and context are just… primal.

There are two sides in me that are constantly speaking with each other. I want and I hope for order and reasoning and also long to fuck up and live irrationally. Desire, impulse, acceptance and balance.
The two Greek gods Dionysus and Apollo, who have guided me through the process, have made me realise that I need Apollo and order to get me through my chaotic, Dionysian evening. Even if I don’t want to admit it.

Moa Åhlund