Exhibition: 20—26 May
Sweden, b. 1994

Sunniva Ingvarsson

Time Dealer Wind Veiler Trash Hider Space Divider
Sunniva Ingvarsson

Sunniva Ingvarsson joins the ranks of younger painters today with a particular interest in the act of painting itself. With her atmospheric spatial painting, it is the frozen dance or performed choreography that meets the audience. Score and performed movements coincide. The title brings together the paintings’ names, which also provide guidance in how to understand the sheets of used tarpaulins and sailcloths that form the space for the movements. An important part of the act is the care that Sunniva has also taken in sewing, joining and tenderly patching her canvases, which were in a severe state of disrepair. The canvas, worn by weather and wind, repels the paint but leaves its traces behind.
*Susanna Slöör, Omkonst.se