Exhibition: 6–12 May
Sweden, b. 1994

Zandra Wellmar

Housing of our time
Zandra Wellmar

I have analyzed the contemporary residential architecture and tried to identify recurring patterns and norms using different methods. I want to investigate how architecture has been shaped by different ideals, standard measurements, rules and financial constraints.

The aim is to point out how the production is normative and reproduces norms, but also how some of the properties of the home have been lost in the current housing climate. It is important to question how housing is designed today and how the architecture, which clearly normalizes a certain type of lifestyle, affects the residents.

Perhaps my work can open the eyes to what a home can be for different individuals and families, as well as how important it is to have interpretation possibilities and to be able to create one’s own identity in one’s home. At the same time, I want to highlight the need to bring certain architectural qualities into an interior to strengthen the relationship between space and life. With that, I want to show that the interior designer’s skills are important for future housing planning.