Bachelor's programme

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Exhibition: 6–12 May

About Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Cultural spaces and everyday environments, both the private as well as the shared and public, are in focus in this year’s graduation exhibition.

Can Scanian rustic allmoge style, aspects of violence in the home, aluminium profiles and techno music leave an impression on the design of interiors and furniture? The desire to combine and test the unexpected, the complex or the personal is reflected in many degree projects, in parallel with an ambition to anchor them in reality through programmes, drawings, models and prototypes. In this, interesting and creative clashes arise.

ur students ask questions about how we can utilise and refine yesterday’s spaces and objects. How the sensual or tactile can make an imprint on the design of these and how conventions can be challenged and compel new designs. The students want to test how the interior architect’s strategies can condense or alter atmospheres in public spaces. In the end, memories, personal narratives and inherited objects can provide points of departure and themes that activate design and are transformed into furniture. Together, this year’s themes show how deeply interiors and furniture are connected with aesthetic aspects, artistic quality and views on societal needs and sustainability, and with reasons to consider and reconsider habits and conventional ways of designing spaces and furniture.

We welcome you to enjoy this year’s degree projects.

Rebecca Ahlstedt, Bo Pilo and Christian Björk
Teachers in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design