Exhibition: 20—26 May
Sweden, b. 1991

Felicia Litorell

Felicia Litorell

Insect populations are declining by 3% annually, and if this trend continues, insects may be extinct within the next 100 years. If insects were to vanish, ecosystems would collapse and threaten the welfare of our planet.

Since most insects are nocturnal and rely on the moon and starlight for their hormonal processes and navigation, artificial light disturbs them.

We have to make a radical change in our usage of artificial light, both as individuals and in public spaces. We need to turn off our lights at night to save insects from extinction.

If light affects living creatures, why wouldn’t it affect us? What if we have overused light to the point where our body no longer has the ability to see in the dark?

How do we navigate the soon-to-be dark future in order to save the insects?

Felicia Litorell