Master's programme

Individual Study Plan in Design

Exhibition: 20–26 May

About Individual Study Plan in Design

The graduating students have in different ways acknowledged the interconnectedness of life. Design projects that emphasise the fundamental shift from the human-centric to the eco-centric, a view of the world where we humans recognize and realize the many ways in which we participate in the living realm. In the Degree Exhibition you will find designs that enable us to understand implications of our shopping habits; works that forecast the future – a future where we need to adjust our habits to terrestrial insects, lizards, soils, seaweeds, or a life lived on the moon; and there are works that shows traces of big data and mining history. Wandering through the exhibition, you will also find artefacts designed to rethink production methods, suggestions for more socially sustainable ways to travel by train and a vehicle to explore forests in new ways. You will have the possibility to experience furniture and vessels that have craft and aesthetic narratives that trigger us to keep them longer, artefacts with multiple affordances, and designs that can be disassembled, mended, reused, and recycled for a longer and more caring relation to their life and duration.

We welcome you to be a part of the shift!

Teachers in Individual Study Plan in Design