Exhibition: 20—26 May
Sweden, b. 1994
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Olle Hiort

Olle Hiort

Framtidsgruvan is a project which aims to preserve an important part of Fagersta’s cultural heritage.

Fagersta developed around the mining industry and the ore mining that started at the beginning of the 17th century before being dismantled just over 300 years later in 1967. Today, the majority of the mines are either filled with water or blocked with concrete or stone. Hand-drawn documents and written texts as well as maps of the mines have been preserved from the time when the mines were still in use. With the help of 3-D scanning and CNC milling, in my degree project, I want to recreate the negative shapes that have been carved out of the bedrock. I intend for these negative shapes to become an interactive public sculpture installation in the city centre of Fagersta.