Bachelor's programme


Exhibition: 6–12 May

About Textiles

This year’s students in the bachelor’s programme in Textiles are searching for a way to relate to our time by shaping thoughts about identity, power structures, origin, environmental impact, beauty, belonging and knowledge of crafts. In a world that is quaking, we need the factual, the tangible and the constant. Now, more than ever before, we must stop and take care of each other, and of that which we create. This is something that we can see in the students’ degree projects.

They want to draw our attention to our surroundings and the importance of caring for what is close to us – what we can influence. The inherent power in the fine, the beautiful and the joyful that can also be found in the ugly and dark. Through their hands emerge stories that stretch both backwards and forwards. They build bridges between history and the future.

Ulrika Mårtensson Hanje
Senior Lecturer in Design and Spatial Design

Elsa Chartin
Senior Lecturer in Craft, specialising in Textiles