Master's programme

Spatial Design

Exhibition: 20–26 May

About Spatial Design

The focus of this year’s Degree Exhibition is on the past and present, where existing rooms and materials are taken care of in order to reveal something to us. There is also a focus on a future in which the students have visions of how new spaces, furniture and environments can be created from a starting point in the here and now, which has been explored and reinterpreted.

Some of the students have worked on reprogramming private spaces that were previously public in order to open them up once again to the public. New activities have been created and added here, and the students have shown and highlighted the spatial qualities through new interior architecture and furniture designs. Surprising combinations of new activities have also been put to the test in a sustainable context. The history of a place has been the focus of some degree projects, and how it can be made visible through new design. The students’ projects also includes material studies and material imitations, and how an exploration of materials can become the driving force in a design process. Spatial experiences and atmospheres have been staged through design to improve acoustic qualities and orientability, and the role of colour has been examined in the interior. The interplay between empty space and furniture has been explored, new sketching methods have been discovered through collages translated into furniture, and the exterior of a building, instead of the interior, has become the starting point for a series of furniture. The perception of what is beautiful has been challenged, and how loneliness can be examined through new ideas for collective housing.

In their degree projects, the students have shown the importance of working in different scales, what is close and what are the more overarching issues. As interior architects and furniture designers, they have the tools and power to influence different societal contexts on many levels.

Kristina Fridh
Professor in Interior Architecture